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TomTom Via 135 Review

TomTom Via 135 Review

It is always important to keep yourself safe from harm especially when you are driving. This includes avoiding all types of accidents and not getting lost along your way to the place where you are really supposed to go. You will never know what can possibly happen to you and the best way for you to achieve complete safety from all of these, is by having someone or something that can serve as your guide.

tomtom 135 via review

Due to endless technological innovations, various devices have already been developed to respond to this need. Among the ones that we have today is the Tomtom Via 135. If you are interested about this product, here is a short and comprehensive review that can help you decide whether you should get one for your car or not.

Brief Product Description

The Tomtom Via 135 is a device that you can practically use every single time you drive and go on the road. It aims to give you the ease of reaching all your destinations, especially the ones that are unfamiliar to you. Unlike other devices which have the same purpose, this product boasts of its Speak and Go feature that allows its user to just say the command while it follows and does the corresponding action. It also gives free and daily map updates for more accurate instructions. Offered at £149.99 for each unit, you can now experience some pure driving convenience with this product and be free from your worries that car accidents may take place anytime.

What Comes in the Box

Sealed with utmost care, inside the box of this hi-tech product is the sophisticated unit with a 5-inch display screen. It also comes with its battery which can last for up to 2 hours with separate usage from the car.

Product Features & Technical Details

Enjoy all the innovative features of the Tomtom Via 135. As what was mentioned earlier, it has a Speak & Go capability wherein you can just mention the address of the place where you are supposed to go. It will automatically recognize your voice and give you the directions to that place as you drive. It also has lifetime maps which get updated every now and then. It can provide you directions before you pass every existent lane to prevent you from missing a turn to certain streets, as well. This product also has a 5-inch touch-screen display that shows 3D representations of the roads you are taking.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

This product has received positive reviews from its users. According to a Tomtom Via 135 Review by an existing owner, he has experienced better days with this product compared to the previous products that he has tried. Current users of this product are also delighted to have the 5-inch display of this driving aid. There is also a Tomtom Via 135 Review that has mentioned minor problems on its responsiveness, on the product’s lifetime map updates, but they also said that they were able to handle these problems by performing a little tweaking on their unit’s settings. Overall, previous and existing product users are satisfied with the performance of this device.

Pros of Product

The Tomtom Via 135 is worth your time and money due to several reasons which can primarily be associated to its high-end features. First, it can let you answer your phone calls even while you are driving. One major reason why people encounter car accidents is cellphone usage while driving. With this product, you would never have to worry about this again. Second, the maps it uses are always updated. It always sees to it that it provides you precise and correct instructions regardless of sudden changes in route or street names. Finally, based on a Tomtom Via 135 Review, it will help you concentrate on driving more since it makes hands-free operations possible. Again, you will be able to lessen the possibilities that car accidents will occur.

Cons of Product

Contrary to what was mentioned previously, using this device can also be disadvantageous. Not all people really have the ability to multi-task. This may even include driving while speaking. They can hardly attend to two activities in one time. With this, you can say that this product is not applicable to certain types of people. Also, its battery life can only last up to 2 hours. It may only eat up a small percentage of your car batteries but it can still be a loss. Lastly, you may encounter a Tomtom Via 135 Review that will tell you that the screen of this device is not too big to give clear graphic information to all people. Good thing, its user would only need to listen, most of the time, and not read instructions. It can also be your life-saver. It has the capacity to tell you where the closest hospitals are located in case you encounter unfortunate circumstances.

Who Should Buy This Product

Car owners and regular drivers are very much advised to get this device for their cars. If you are a person who just moved to a new town or city and you only have little knowledge about the whereabouts in that area, you should definitely get one for your car, too. It is not always enough that you ask people about directions. It would also be of great help if you have something handy and reliable that can assist you wherever you go.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This device is a real driving wonder. Almost all Tomtom Via 135 Review that you can encounter will agree to that. It can be a bit small for some car owners but it has the size that you will need to save space. All of its features, indeed, are very inviting – from the Speak and Go to its abilities to bring you to the nearest hospitals during emergency situations and lead you into parking lots whenever you need one.

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