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Tomtom Via 125 review

GPS devices are becoming a part and parcel of today’s living and this Tomtom Via 125 review will serve you with plenty of information about this Tomtom device. Many of the similar GPS devices works only under a network support, but this isn’t the case with this one. This Tomtom Via 125 works fine without the network support, so now you can have a complete peace of mind in terms of working of the device.

Tomtom Via 125 review – A Device To Buy!

Brief Product Description

When it comes to GPS devices, appearance is one factor you should be considerate about. This device looks stunning and you can carry it with ease, without having to place it where nobody can see it. The device offers lane guidance which isn’t the case with many other devices available in the market. You can also enjoy lifetime map correction and additional maps without having to spend additional money. Free lifetime map coverage can make the day for you so make sure you keep an eye on that as well. This isn’t just a typical GPS device, rather you can use it as your phone as well.

What comes in the box

To make your GPS experience memorable and fun at the same time, Tomtom Via 125 offers a mounting stand works fine both on windscreen and the dashboard. This dual mounting can come handy particularly when you intend to change the placing of your device. In the box, there is a car charger and USB cable that helps you be on the without worrying about the performance of battery life of the device. For all those who are wondering, of course, the box contains the Tomtom Via 125 device as well.

Product Features & Technical Details

The device comes with an emergency navigation service that helps you be at ease all the time. With 5.0 display size and 13.0cm touch-screen, you can enjoy a GPS device like never before. The screen resolution of 480 x 272 adds to the efficiency of the device. Tomtom Via 125 offers a resistive 16:9” wide touch-screen that can make GPS navigation whole lot easier and fun. The voice command feature helps you get the job done without having to do much. When it comes to dimensions of the device, 134mm x 93mm x 19mm is something you’ve always been looking for. The device comes with an ideal weight of 213g  and supports battery up to 2 hours. You also have the option of Bluetooth calling and multi-touch map correction that can help you get the job done with ease. Unlike the previous versions, you get to enjoy 4GB of internal memory. If this is what you’ve been waiting, then there is no point holding back and thinking twice in giving this a product a go.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

When it comes to feedback from existing customers, you can’t think of much negative after all the features mentioned above. Customers are more than happy with the increased size and the 4GB internal memory that kind of sets the device apart from the rest. However, many of the customers have complained that the device doesn’t work under a cloudy weather, so based on this Tomtom Via 125 review, this aspect is something Tomtom needs to work on.

Pros of product

Eco routes option is the major benefit you can derive by buying this product. This Tomtom Via 125 shows you the eco-friendly route, and by using these routes, you can save both fuel and money. IQ Routes service helps you accurately calculate the precise speed data. The system allows for rush and other road distractions and offers you an exact estimate of the time you’d take to reach a particular destination. With previous versions, there had been issues with the device in terms of quickly locating your position, but with Tomtom Via 125, you can view your GPS position instantly with the help of QuickGPSfix. The pre-installed speed camera features are something to look forward to, particularly when you travel a lot. In addition to all this, Hands-free calling and the efficient voice command control sets you apart in terms of usage of a GPS system.

Cons of product

There aren’t much to talk in terms of cons of the product, but still, there are certain aspects the company can look into. The device tends to stop working or there is limited reception in case of foggy or cloudy weather. This may require a major fix so Tomtom should look to overcome the issue to make the device even more user friendly.

Who should buy this product

Everyone who looks to be at ease while on the road should have this product at all costs. As it offers voice calling feature as well, so you can have plenty to do besides effective GPS reception network. So, this is a must-buy product for all those who look to make the most of every journey.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Recommending this product to you wasn’t much of a difficult task. With all those features and immaculate performance, this Tomtom product becomes a must buy for you. This Tomtom Via 125 review was for you to make sure you buy the right product.

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