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Tom Tom History

Did you know that tom-tom has been around since 1991. The countries the headquarters head office is in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In 2015, the company still has around 4000 employees and this number is still growing. Tom-tom has really pioneered the GPS sat navigation market. They kicked it off with a bang. And even in 2014 with so much competition in that sat navigation market, they can still continue to be the best GPS sat navigation brand that you can trust.

Ever since they released that tom-tom go back in May 2004 they have captured and stolen many hearts and fans along the way. I, the author, must admit that I am one of them. Hell, I even made a website dedicated to reviewing GPS sat navigation systems. Who in their right mind does that?

This tom-tom go and no internal flash memory. However, they did have a memory card slot which back in 2004 was very big news and a very good thing. Remember the old SD or MMC memory card slots, this tom-tom guy who was well equipped with that. However, it didn’t have any Bluetooth or not even an FM transmitter. However, the tom-tom go was their first product over 10 years ago and look where they are now still going strong in 2015, where that GPS sat navigation market should not even exist! You can go out and buy a great fantastic smart phone running android these days, fully equipped with the GPS for under $100 or £60. Please keep in mind that these GPS sat navigation systems found in the stock finds firmware is simply horrendous.

Sophie fast forward to 2014 and 2015, we see that tom-tom GPS sat navigation range include all the bells and whistles such as USB charging voice input text-to-speech voice input MP3 playing capability microSD cards. This is why tom-tom products always get the best reviews from around the world. GPS satnav users love to use tom-tom products.

In August 2009 seen tom-tom in a great and launch their product on Apple Store. Tom-tom downloads continue to grow, and continue to be better than Google maps because they are the only company out there who are dedicated in offering the best GPS satnav user experience money can possibly buy on this planet.

I myself have a old trusty Samsung galaxy note 2, but you can bet your life that I have downloaded that tom-tom GPS app for android. If you haven’t downloaded the tom-tom app for either android or iPhone you are kidding yourselves.

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