The Stanley 1000 amp jump starter is a great product used to jump start several vehicles. In simpler terms, it gives a dead battery enough juice to roar your engine back to life. This includes trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, tractors and even RVs. Its portability means it can accompany you everywhere. If you are traveling with your vehicle which is prone to experience battery start-up issues, this product comes in handy.

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Stanley 1000 Amp Jump Starter

Stanley 1000 Amp Jump Starter

Product Description

The Stanley 1000 amp jump starter arrives fully packed with 500 amps in starting power with an additional 1000 peak amps that ensures your battery is given a new life kick. The process is quite simple. After connecting the hooks, clamp them onto the battery. There is an in-built safety system which will provide an alarming sound in case the clamps have been connected incorrectly. Within the Stanley jump starter are USB ports that enables any user to charge their mobile phone. The portability of the device makes it highly suitable for everyday roadside emergencies.




Outstanding Features

Stanley 1000 Amp Jump Starter

Stanley 1000 Amp Jump Starter

  • Provides up to 12 Volts and is equipped with a USB outlet that enables you to charge your personal electronics.
  • A powerful LED light that can rotate at a 270 degree angle, suitable during the night.120 PSI compressor capability accompanied by a Back-light Gauge
  • Automatic alarm system that notifies the user when improperly connected.
  • Equipped with current inversion protection to safeguard those who do not know how to handle the device properly.





  • Powerful
  • Portability
  • User-friendly
  • The charge meter is simple to understand
  • Presence of an LED light particularly for night use.
  • Has a USB port.


  • Lacks a flat charger instead requires a 3-prong extension cord to charge.
  • Weighs around 20 pounds which is quite heavy.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are satisfied with the way it works especially the added air pump feature. Consuming less than 10 seconds to jump start your vehicle, the Stanley 1000 amp jump starter is reliable and saves a lot of time. Equipping the device with a safety alarm was a great idea too. The rubber handle makes it easier to carry the jump starter around.

There are several customers who narrate of stories where they were out camping or taking a boat ride and benefited a great deal from the products features. If need be it can power your smartphone, iPod, laptop or even computer. When you lose power you can use its flashlight as a substitute. Most reviewers give the product a perfect rating as it delivers on everything advertised. The benefits outweigh any negative misgivings immensely.

Stanley 1000 Amp Jump Starter

Stanley 1000 Amp Jump Starter


Final Verdict

This high quality product not only jump starts your engine but can also inflate your tires. Many vehicle users are finding it more convenient to be permanently equipped with this product as a just in case. Its manufacturers built the unit to remain sturdy without compromising on portability and required size. A good number of people are capable of raising it up into their engine compartment so the weight concerns might be a little misstated. From a lawn mower battery to a large truck, you can always count on the all-in-one Stanley 1000 amp jump starter.

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