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Today, sat navs or satellite navigation systems are very common to cars especially those that are available to the public such as taxi, rental automobiles and so much more. You can take a look at our best sat nav reviews which are presented below.

Through the years, these devices evolved from giving a little less concise map up to showing exactly where you are and providing the fastest routes going to your chosen destination. They are the best guides when in an unfamiliar trip. Even private car owners would like to install one for their unit. They even beat the old technique of asking the locals for directions when in a tour of a place for the very first time.

The comparison chart below will help you decide what device is for you. We provide you with some of the key features for each product. Choosing the right device is very important and that’s why we have listed the best from the top!

Best Sat Nav Reviews: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Picture Name Specs Size Rating Reviews
Picture Name Specs Size Rating Reviews
Garmin Nuvi review Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT 5-inch touch display/ Free lifetime maps/ 3D traffic info alerts/ 5″ 4.2 View Review
Tomtom sat nav review TomTom XXL Classic 5-inch responsive touch-screen/ 22 maps of countries/ Advanced guidance 5″ 4.1 View Review
Tomtom review TomTom Start 60 M Advanced Lane Guidance Graphics/ RDS-TMC traffic ready/ Serena voice+ 6″ 4 View Review
SAT NAV REVIEWS done Garmin Nuvi 2597 LMT Free Lifetime Maps/ BirdsEye Junction View/ Bluetooth Enabled 5″ 4 View Review
best sat nav reviews Tomtom Via 135 Tomtom Map Share/ Speak and Go/ Hands-free Calling/ Advanced Lane Guidance 5″ 4 View Review
best sat nav Garmin Nuvi 2545 LMT Lifetime Map Updates/ Lane Assist/ Street-level Mapping/ Trip Planner 5″ 4 View Review
sat navs Tomtom Start 25 M Spoken Street Names/ FREE Daily Maps Changes/ Advanced Lane Guideance 5″ 4 View Review
Garmin sat nav reviews Garmin Nuvi 2445 LMT Lifetime map updates/ Guidance 2/ Avoid traffic-invaded roads 4.3″ 4 View Review

Top Rated

Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT

Best sat nav reviewsThe brand “Garmin” are a very well-known company around the world. They have a very large range of products on the market and some of their most successful product launches come from their very own Sat Nav range. This product has a fantastic 5-inch touch display screen which helps you see the screen clearly with and without the sun light. By having such a large screen, you are able to view it easily. The product also comes with “FREE LifeTime Maps”; this means your device will be updated on a regular basis and it won’t cost you a penny. Some brands do not offer such features because they look more into the profits rather than giving value to their customers unlike Garmin. This device also comes with “3D Traffic Info Alerts”, this means the screen will show all the alerts in 3D which makes this Sat Nav a one of a kind.

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TomTom XXL Classic

best tomtom sat navTomTom is another excellent brand; they are very well-known from their Sat Nav range. This product has a 5-inch responsive touch screen which is easy to use and has a very nice sleek screen. It also comes with 22 maps of different countries which is great for holidays and vacations. Another great feature is the “Advanced Guidance” which makes this product one of a kind and helps it stand out against the rest. This product comes with the device, mount, a USB charger, its documentation and a USB cable. When approaching speed cameras, this device will alert you to help you avoid speeding tickets. It will always keep updated, so you don’t need to worry about updating maps or anything else.

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TomTom Start 60M

Tomtom sat nav reviewsThis is another fantastic device from the TomTom range which stands out. This device comes with “Advanced Lane Guidance Graphics” which really does make this product unique. It has a 6-inch screen which makes it easy to view from a distance. It comes with “Speed camera locations with reporting” and it’s “RDS-TMC traffic ready. The voice instructions are very clear and easy to understand unlike other sat navs out there. This has been proven to be one of the most reliable sat navs out there, due to all the great reviews about this product.

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These are devices that are too risky to be with when they malfunction. They should be trusted 100% of the time. Our reviews help rule the odd ones out. Most of the time, companies do not state the disadvantages of their products. They do everything for their unit to sell even if it means playing with the info to look like there are no flaws in the product. It is our job, on the one hand, to let you know each and every detail that went wrong. We also include their positive side in the statements. This helps you weigh the much needed details before closing a deal.

How Do Our Reviews Work?

Some think that these are already useless because comparison for the top sat nav can be made when companies release the specifications of their products. A person can easily determine by finding out which has better attributes. However, we at, provide an in-depth analysis of all these information. We can tell which ones have the most accurate settings, the best display, the longest battery life and so much more. In our reviews, we also write the real value for money of the products. Some companies just cannot help to put overpriced tags.

Reliable and Flawless Collection of Data

We apply our knowledge in putting these reviews into words with no bias. We do not just rely on the information written on their boxes or manuals. Also, we do not repeat what other review sites have because we do not depend on them. Information is gathered by putting them out in the open and letting them do their work. With this, we can assure that everyone reads a review based on a true-to-life experience. People can always trust us with objective details in our written analysis of the best sat nav and the unworthy ones.

Broad and Complete Set of Information

We embraced this responsibility with open arms even though we know that it will require a lot of work. We are not the company that you can run to when you want a one-sided discourse about these products. Our reviews are based not just on the major features such as the display, the accuracy and the price. We dig deeper to present our readers the most comprehensive list that they will ever encounter. The write-ups that we produce are always lengthy and meaty. We clear all the different angles that should be included even before anybody else discovers it. We do not stop until every single bit of data is shown. This is the very reason why we branded ourselves the website with the best conclusions. We are completely sure that the results are exact.

The Heart and the Will to Do Everything

This team is very determined to come up with the ultimate and the most helpful sat nav reviews. Despite all the success that we are getting right now, we will still work for the best of the best. We will continue to develop as a team no matter what it takes. We will continue to provide answers to all questions regarding different brands of all the different satellite navigation systems. At first, it was not easy to set-up the entire website and put in all the data. We started from scratch and we have improved a lot since then. As much as possible, we try to cover all the newly released items for the benefit of those who are relying on our services.

We would like to make sure that you always tune in to our latest written reviews by making them more interesting. Each and every one of us is committed to this goal. Every hour we spent inside the office is an hour spent to come up with fruitful information. From time to time, we attend seminars to sharpen our knowledge about this field. We are never hesitant to find ways to step up our game. We have also posted several communication ports in case there are still questions bothering you. We are more than willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need one.

So far, our lists with the best sat navs are always composed of products from Garmin or Tomtom. These are the top two companies that share the spot because they are always up to something better and new.

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