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Nowadays, a lot of individuals can’t separate themselves from internet, even at off-grid. And one way to solve this problem is buying an RV satellite internet. We recommend you to buy these products.

KING VQ4500 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna

KING VQ4500 Satellite TV

Last 2015, King introduced their newest addition of a satellite television antenna, the VQ4500. Both as a portable and roof mountable hardware, it makes it an affordable option for both uses. Weighing only a few pounds and towering at a height of 13.5”, it is one of the smallest and lightweight antennas available in the market. The aerodynamic is also a product of an important addition to the industrial design. This second generation antenna allows users to choose the destination state with just a controller. According to the company, it is the only automatic RV satellite antenna in the market that is equipped with coaxial cable connection, making it unnecessary to use an external power or data cable while using the DIRECTV service.


  • Portable satellite television antenna for DISH service
  • Portable/roof mounted
  • Supports more than one television viewing
  • Completely automatic satellite acquisition
  • Receiver-powered hardware
  • Use with DISH ViP211z, ViP211k, ViP211 or 411 receivers
  • Equipped with 50’ coax cable
  • 4 lbs. weight

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Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER Gray/Black DISH Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

Winegard SK-1000 Satellite TV Antenna

With the Multi-satellite TV antenna by Winegard, you can now enjoy satellite television inside your RV just like at your own home, without any buts! Compared to dome antennas and portable antennas, this particular product has the capability to receive programming from every satellite and watch it from any television at the same time! You can also record your favorite television shows using DVRs. It shares the same quality with home antennas since it also has a top-quality reflector DISH for maximum signal reception. Using it is as easy and automatic as pushing the on or off button.


  • Approved and certified DISH reflectors
  • Suitable with DVRs
  • Capable to receive every SD and HD programming from DISH and Bell TV
  • 72 lbs.
  • Stows to not more than 10 inches

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Winegard RM-4600 Crank-Up RV Digital Satellite Dish

Winegard RM-4600 Satellite Dish

With just $162, you and your family can watch satellite television in your RV, without any complications, just like back in your own home. This 20.9-inch high and 19.2-inch wide antenna has the capability to operate in a radius of 17 inches. And don’t worry about space, since it only requires 26 inches of your roof. You can now enjoy television shows from multiple satellite providers including DIRECTV SD, DISH SD & HD and Bell SD & HD. Inside your RV, you can increase its height, lower its height and even rotate with the hand crack.


  • Plastic control parts
  • 12 lbs. total weight
  • 9” antenna height
  • 17” operation radius
  • Compatible satellite providers: DIRECTV SD, DISH SD & HD, Bell SD & HD
  • Winegard satellite dish
  • RV Dss Antenna Rm-4600
  • Digital Magic sensor

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