OxGord Leather Conditioner is one of the many leather conditioners in the markets todays. Like many products in this category, it’s part of a care kit that can serve as a leather moisturizer; an upholstery protector, a treatment for car seat, among other uses.

OxGord Leather Conditioner

This article succinctly reviews the various aspects of this moisturizer so that users can have a better understanding of the product.

1) Non-greasy: OxGord Leather Conditioner is designed to be a non-greasy lotion that can be used on leather materials ranging from upholstery and bags to car interiors.
2) Dimensions: The product measures 7.4 x 3.5 x 1.9 inches
3) Mass: 1.4 pounds
4) Utility: As already hinted in the introduction, this product helps restore the lustre of faded leather surfaces while polishing that of newer ones.


1)Although the lotion is thin, OxGord leather conditioner leaves the leather surface softer than it was before application of the lotion; arguably making it an impressive leather restorer and protector.

2) Another distinguishing feature of this product is its friendly smell, as opposed the near unbearable smell of many of its contemporaries.

3) Interestingly enough, this conditioner, when used on handbags and similar leather surfaces, simply wipes the dirts and scuffs without leaving any marks behind.


1)On the other hand, OxGord Leather Conditioner has earned a reputation for not being as glossy as many users would want. For users whose primary concern is to make their leather items glossier, this product may not be the best option.

2) Similarly, the product, more often than not, arrives with a broken seal. This occurrence does not offer the best experience users since most users would want to break the seal of a product by themselves. However, method of shipping could easily be responsible for this breakage and the manufacturers can actually do better.



Generally speaking, OxGord Leather Conditioner competes favourably among moisturizers of the same category. For users who can overlook the few drawbacks revealed in this review, the conditioner is worth giving a shot.

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