The Nilight 18W spot LED Lights are off road lights suitable for all indoor and outdoor lighting purposes.

The Nilight 18W spot LED lights

The super bright LED lights come in a pack of four with 2 years warranty.

Low power consumption and ultra brightness are two of the key features of these lights. The average lifespan of these lights is up to 30000 hours.

The lights weight 4 pounds and the dimensions are 11*9*3.5 inches. The material used in construction is stainless steel for brackets and die-cast aluminum for the lights.

The lights are suitable for use in all areas where extra lighting is required. Vehicles, agriculture, and industries are a common example where these lights can be used for extra brightness.The lights can be used as off-road lights or fog lamps in all vehicles.

They can easily fit on jeeps, trucks, cars, atvs, boats or buses as extra lighting solutions. A waterproof rating of IP67 indicates 100% dustproof and waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes.

These lights are made up of silicon gel and redesigned aluminum for proper heat dissipation which results in lower power consumption and proper cooling of the lights.


The Nilight 18W spot LED Light

They come with rustproof and anti-corrosive adjustable mounting brackets which can be fitted easily on any surface and height.

The brackets provide up to 45 degrees of rotation so the beam can be adjusted as per requirement. The focused beam helps in seeing the forward road or field clearly at night during driving.

The lights are certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and IP67 and are safe for use in all low light indoor and outdoor environments. Great quality and output of the product make it a favorite among adventure enthusiasts as jeep lamps.

Specially designed durable LED chips are used in these ultra-bright LEDs to provide a sharp white beam. This increases visibility and makes your night travels safer and easier.

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