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Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU Review

Real directions

This Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU review is for all those who are looking for a superb GPS nav device that comes with an affordable price tag. If you’d like to have the best car navigation technology in place, then this device can serve ideally. The new Street Guide feature can make your day in terms of GPS reception.

Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU review

Brief Product Description

This Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU is one of the latest car navigation device that incorporates the latest technology. With this, now you can be at ease when on the road and if you end up driving on an unfamiliar road, then this device can come to the rescue big time. Apart from Route Guide, the device also offers weather update which can be handy for you to plan your drive accordingly. In addition to that, this Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU offers Google Local Search as well. the device helps you overcome all the hold-ups on the road and reluctantly, you can reach your destination with plenty of time to spare.

What comes in the box

The box comes with the box itself and the car charger having an integrated TMC antenna. There is a windscreen mount to help you place the device with ease. In addition to that, there is a software DVD you can count on in terms of installing and/or handling the device.

Product Features & Technical Details

When it comes to specifications or technical details, the 5.0” color touch screen is somewhat the hallmark of the device. Built-in Bluetooth and a 4GB memory are other features to look forward to. Unlike many other devices, this Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU incorporates a AV-in support feature that adds to the utility and performance of a sat nav device. Processor of a GPS device serves as the make-or break factor for a navigation device. Considering this, the Navman device incorporates a Samsung 6443 processor having 400Mhz clock speed. With such a processor, you can just sit back and enjoy peace of mind as to the working and performance of this device. The device uses a SIRF Star 3 and InstantFix2 GPS chipset that comes with 20 GPS channels. The addition of TMC in the hardware of the device can enhance performance big time. A rechargeable integrated lithium-ion battery, having a capacity of 720mAh, is used in the device. The device weigh 185g and has a built-in antenna. Width of the device is 142mm, whereas height and depth is 88.5mm and 17.5 respectively. The internal RAM memory of device is 128MB SDRAM, whereas internal ROM memory is 4GB. To further ease your nerves, the device offers a built-in mono speaker and a built-in microphone.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

After reviewing the feedback from existing owners, it is evident that the product is doing the trick in terms of performance, but fine tweaks related to user interface can make the device even more lethal. Apart from the interface, many of the existing owners have also questioned the speaker quality of the device. Other than that, the device seems to be on the right track as per the Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU review and feedback received from existing owners.

Pros of product

The biggest plus is that the device offers four travel routes at the same time. Depending on your convenience, you can choose whichever route you intend to go with. The device also offers traffic updates regarding all the suggested routes. This gives you a clear idea as to which route you need to take. Apart from suggesting the routes, the device offers an easiest route among all the suggested ones. The interface of the device is intuitive, simple and easy to use. This makes it easier for you to run the device even if you have no prior experience with a sat nav device. Bright and large 5.0” sets the tone for the device and such screen size makes it easier for you to view and navigate through the device. Built-in Bluetooth option works fine with hands-free and Local Google Search feature.

Cons of product

The interface of the device lags behind in terms of information sharing. The info you get from TMC traffic is also limited, resulting in little use of this feature itself. The device lacks precision in terms of voice recognition and audio quality.

Who should buy this product

This is a must-buy product for those looking for more than just a basic sat nav device, and that too, by adhering to their budget. The device has plenty to offer and considering the price tag, everyone who is, more often than not, on the road shall go for this one without thinking over it much.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU is a simple yet effective and intuitive device that comes with plenty of intelligent features. Though, it may not be a true-star because of audio and voice recognition issues, yet this device can get the navigation job done precisely. Based on this Navman Mio Spirit 697 LM FEU review, the device is recommended to everyone looking for an excellent navigation device at an affordable price.

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