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Navman F610 EZY Review: A Perfect Sat-Nav Device

Navman F610 EZY Review: A Perfect Sat-Nav Device

Reading this Navman F610 EZY review is very important before buying the device to gain a proper idea about it. Car drivers and similar vehicle users use this as a road tracking and navigation device. Its user friendly features, latest technology, ease of use, quick start and lightweight software make it a perfect companion for every journey. This useful gadget helps to navigate distances more quickly than several other devices in its category. It’s a great value for money device for basic users of satellite navigation technology.

Navman F610 EZY review

This gadget provides superb value for money, as considered by its frequent users. It is accurate, eye catching, innovative and ultimately a great item to posses in one’s car. Navman has always been a very popular choice among users of these kinds of products. It was one of the first stand-alone devices depicting satellite navigation units. From those days it has grown as a brand in itself ensuring huge amount of trust among its users. The company is always innovating and suits needs of various ranges of users from pocket friendly devices to high end ones. Some of its salient features are –

  • It is one of the best compact devices in its category or class of devices.
  • It has a quick start menu that helps to navigate destinations very reliably and instantly.
  • Lane guidance is of supreme importance in any driving circumstance.
  • The device ensures the right turn at the right time.
  • It also forecasts which lane one may take for easy approach.
  • It provides 3D views of highways exits, and works just like road signs, may be even better.
  • It has the ability to warn of safety camera locations.
  • Guides drivers of road maneuvers or diversions and tells it via text to speech.
  • Large display sizes are available.
  • It can also show the improvement in the time taken for travel and lesser kilometers used.
  • The map facility is also superb in this device with detailed labeling.

In today’s heavy bumper to bumper traffic, the Navman F610 EZY plays a pivotal role, which in turn has made it popular in its category. People who drive their own cars also look for saving as much time and diversion possible. Today one may not even find a car without a properly loaded navigation device. It is only the features of this device that separates it from the rest. Too many devices have flooded the market due to influx of easy and cheap products from various other makers. But in spite of all these competitions, Navman F610 EZY review shows that the F610 EZY has still been able to retain its trust among its users for its superior quality.

The design and interface are easy and cluster free.

It is white in colour with a piano black bezel body. The back is made of silver coloured plastic. The standard resolution is 480 x 272. The initial set up is a little fiddly and once that is done, one can use it with ease. The user inter phase is of supreme quality which makes this product stand out. It is a brilliant device for a beginners because of its lovely interface and easy to use features. A senior user may opt for higher end devices but a new user would always prefer this. New drivers need the assistance of sat navs more than the drivers who are experienced drivers and the F610 EZY can serve them perfectly. A fresh or young driver tends to take roads by mistake and always concentrates too much on the road and driving, hence he would opt for a system that is less cumbersome and easy to read and browse through.

Few things one needs to keep in mind

One needs to still carry an Atlas or map of any unknown territory being visited. As at times the navigators date might not be correct or precise. One cannot expect the gadget to be 100 percent accurate all the time on all the surfaces. Many remote locations may not be identified or located by the software in the navigator. A local map of the area can be of immense worth in such situations. Even if one gets lost the map will be of good assistance to come out in the clear. Local personnel also will be able to help by using the map.
Just like for every other handheld devices this device also has a few pros and cons. One should be absolutely sure regarding the model one actually needs and the one he would finally buy. Fancy features of other attractive devices, which ultimately may not serve the purpose of the user on the field, should not carry one away. Few concern areas may be –

  • The equipment may not work at its best inside buildings and deep dense forests or woods.
  • Batteries are always a concern, as they get spent very fats. So extra batteries are a must.
  • These may not recognize mountains, rivers and similar obstructions, hence co ordinates may be misleading when these kind of things come in the way of travel.


A navigation device is a must and any driver would claim that. But the prudence lies in selecting, choosing and procuring the right one as per ones driving needs. One who is always driving within the city, one who is driving mostly out of the city to newer destinations, may need different types of sat nav devices. Some may be traveling to a fixed destination every day. Thus prioritizing ones needs is the most important job before getting a new navigation device like this Navman F610 EZY review suggests.

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