Ice scrapers are becoming an important windshield maintenance tools. Given their importance, there are many brands dealing with developing of ice scrapers. Specifications vary in terms of durability and quality of service. One of the most popular brands is the zone ice scraper scratched windshield, which has a lot to offer to the users.

Depending on the season and the intervals of scraping, the ice accumulation and hardness will vary. This means that any scraper should cater for both of these aspects. It should not be scratchy enough to create lines on the windshield, but should remove the ice layers with least effort and maximal convenience.

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The Zone Ice scraper is one of the latest ice scrappers. It consists of two major regions, the handle and the scraper surface. Each of the regions has specific features that enhance the overall performance of the scraper. For convenience, the developer used plastic for, most of its casing, which promotes portability and handling convenience.

Outstanding features

With the many brands in the market, every developer will strive to make a product with the most outstanding features. For the Zone Ice Scraper, here are the features that you will enjoy:

Convenient handles

The efficiency of ice scrapers will depend on how you hold the tool, while at work. This is because the angle of scraping will influence the results. The Zone Scraper has a foam layer on the handle to easen the grip. The type of foam used allows the creating of intermittent handgrips, which ensure that the scraper has a firm grip. In addition, it is thick enough to increase durability.

Favorable length

The developers have increased the lengthy of the handle to promote its efficiency. When scraping ice, complete moves and cycles will easen the scraping process. This is because the ice layers tend to form either vertical or horizontal patterns that will requires complete cycles to remove. The adjustable length is unique to this product.



Casing material

Another outstanding feature of the Zone Ice Scraper is the plastic coverage. The casing is firm and promotes the ease of use of the products. In addition, the developer has been able to diversify the colors of the tool thanks to the ease of labeling.

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What are the pros?
  • With all these features, the benefits it will bring to you should make even more sense. They include:
  • No windshield scratches
  • The scraping surface of the Zone Ice Scraper has a design that removes the ice layers without scratching the screen. This should be the most relevant benefit to any user.
Ease of use

With the foamy handle, the scraper is easy to use for anyone. Depending on the level of ice you are removing, the handle will give you a firmer grip.


Weighing at less than 5 ounces, the Zone Ice Scraper is light enough for its job. You do not have to be muscular to use this gadget. In addition, you can carry it in your glove box without worries.


The quality of the material will affect the quality and durability of a product. With the hard plastic casing, covered with foam on the most used areas, this ice scraper is durable enough. It may only require very little maintenance to keep the scraping service in place.

Are there any cons
  • Foam durability
  • Among the areas, that the developers need to improve is the durability of the foam handle. It may require occasional replacement.
  • Scrap surface guarantee
  • Due to the gentle nature of the scrap surface, the Zone Ice Scraper has some limitation in the level of ice hardness, which it can comfortably work on. It may require a replacement if continuously used on hard surfaces.
Customer reviews
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From the customers’ perspective, the Zone Ice Scraper is effective in performance and reliability when compared to other scrapers. Most customers love the strength of the handle and the length that enables them scrap ice with no problem.

However, some customers feel that the product is expensive and that its durability is wanting. In addition, some customers believe it has no big difference from the common ice scrapers.

Final Verdict

The main concern with Ice scrapers is scratching the windshield and the car windows. Another concern comes in the efficiency of the scratching surface. With all these factors covered by the Zone Ice Scraper, it would be a recommendable tool for any drivers. However, for durable use, maintenance and taking care of the tool will be of help.


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