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How Much is an Alternator and Which One is BEST?

alternatorThe alternator is one of those parts that always seems to go bad in used cars after 10 years or so.

One of the easiest ways to know if your alternator is bad is if the battery continuously goes dead, even after you’ve driven it for a while.

This is a sign either your battery has died, or the alternator is bad.

If you recharge your battery and it still goes dead, use an amp meter to test whether or not the alternator is sending power out to the battery and your electrical system.

This is the power station where the power is generated and all the electrical components of a vehicle is run through it.

Although many of you might think that all the electrical systems run through the batteries inside the vehicle but in practical, batteries only help to maintain a balanced charge and help the dynamo to kick the starting of a vehicle and also helps in lighting other electrical systems.

The Basic Principle of an Alternator Working in a Vehicle

The basic principle is nothing complex in a vehicle. Firstly, an alternator is a power generating equipment in machine studies that is general.

There is a revolving part in an alternator, which revolves through the help of any separate revolver (that can be a motor, propeller, wind etc.) and thus the power generates at the end bushings of the alternator.

In case of a vehicle, the revolver is the engine, which helps the alternator rotor to move in a constant circular motion. Thus the power is generated and all the electrical systems are fed through this power generation. This is the very basic principle of an alternator working in a vehicle.

Prerequisites to know before choosing the best alternator:

Choosing the right alternator for your vehicle is very important when you are going to replace it with a new one. And make sure if you will be replacing it, check to see if its still under warranty. The SEAT cars dealer in Bristol give a 2 year standard warranty with every car. So you may be able to save yourself some money by simply checking out your car’s warranty.

In accordance with the power calculation, you have to bear in mind all the electrical components in your vehicle for the proper power calculation. Things that shall be included in such calculations can be-

  1. The HVAC blower (for air balloons),
  2. Lights,
  3. Power windows,
  4. Radiator’s electric fan,
  5. Computer inside,
  6. Stereo audio/video system,
  7. Gauges
  8. Radio
  9. Power locks

How can You Select the Best Alternator for Your Vehicle?

You have to go point by point in order to get your best choice of alternator for your vehicle. Such points shale be like follows-

  1. Make sure that you have calculated the total amp load (as approximate as possible) for your whole vehicles power consumption.
  2. Make a good calculation of the total wattage through multiplying the total individual amp calculation and the volts for individual component. Thus you get the total wattage calculation.
  3. Add at least 20% to the total wattage calculation in order to keep it as a safety range. This is termed as a safety buffer. This helps to keep your alternator in a safe state even if the whole system is loaded with highest power consumption.
  4. Seeing the final wattage, you can choose for your best alternator for your vehicle.


The choice of alternator for your vehicle is mandatory because this is the station where all the works are being handled except the mechanical moving of the vehicle itself. Therefore, perfection is solely required while the calculation of the watt calculation in order to get your best alternator and if you are still wonder how much is an alternator, you have finally found the answer.

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