Backup cameras for your vehicles come in different types including Bluetooth equipped systems, which are gaining popularity, not only for car owners with new models, but also the old ones. The Bluetooth system allows you to utilize this car hardware without unnecessary tangling wires along your dashboard. Here is the best bluetooth backup camera and other popular products we recommend for you to consider.


Rear View RVS-020813 Safety Wi-Fi Backup Camera System

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This amazing camera system by Rear View connects it to your mobile phone to let you see what the camera sees through your phone’s screen, without any wiring connection. To do this, you can download their free app from the official App store or Google play store. Not only can you view the camera on your mobile phone, you can also record it directly. Every footage and photo will be saved in the app. The weatherproof camera makes it a durable device, capable to handle extreme conditions like heat and cold. It is also equipped with a wireless transmitter that connects to the power in the rear part of your vehicle. In just 15 minutes, you can already fully install the unit and use it.

Main Features:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions: 3” x 5” x 3”
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • GoVue App
  • Weather proof camera
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Swift Hitch SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System


Like other camera systems available in the market, the Swift Hitch SH01 aims to help vehicle owners who are having difficulties hitching style trailer or snowplow. Its portability allows you to charge it and use it for 4 hours with your vehicle’s 12-volt socket and a charging cable. Its capability to record satisfactory crystal-clear video footage during the day is also similar at night with its automatic night vision camera. With this camera system, there is no need to wire it to your backup light harness, run wiring through your car’s dashboard, attach it to your license plate or use any sort of tool.

Main Features:

  • Full color display monitor (resolution: 960 x 240)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Night vision equipped with Infrared Technology
  • Maximum wireless connection of 300 ft.
  • Weatherproof base
  • Reverse Imaging Function
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Rear View Safety RVS-83112 Video Camera


Rear View Safety is known in the car accessory industry for providing their consumers the best products available in the market. One of which is this video camera that can be installed in any model or type of vehicle, whether it’s very old or one of the newest. The mount makes it easy to install in just a few minutes without using any tool of some sort. As soon as you plug everything and put together in place, you can directly view a clear live footage from your rear view camera, even during the night. Its durable, top-quality material will make this camera endure extreme weather conditions, day or night.

  • 5” LCD colored display monitor
  • Wireless digital system
  • Magnetic camera mount
  • Installed with plug and play system
  • Weather proof
  • 6 automatic infrared night vision lights


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