In a day and age when a whole lot of the cars on the road look exactly alike or darn close to it, custom car auto emblems and badges are being turned to more and more by motorists to help make their rides stand out. Whether they’re simple decals or actual replacement auto emblems and badges for the factory originals, the popularity of these designer features is gaining.

Auto emblems and badges are decorative car parts consisting of long lasting UV resistant plastic made from polystyrene, most are completed with a silver metallic finish to match the trim on your vehicle. You’ll apply the auto emblems and badges to your vehicle using the very strong double sided tape provided. Ford auto emblems for example are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs and can be fastened with a choice of welded studs or 3M tape.

Auto emblems also say something about the economic strata from which the driver comes or aspires to. Manufacturers use auto emblems to send a message about their brand to their customers. One can hardly imagine them using a decal for this. Auto emblems can also signify authority, but it’s much more common to think of it in terms of a representation of our ideas. In other words, it is a symbol of something that’s important to us

Badges, for the most part, are used to convey authority. On military bases, a general will have a license plate with the appropriate number of stars on it. In a parade, the Grand Marshal’s car will be designated in some way so that everyone knows that that automobile is his, hers, or theirs. A decal, can also be a badge as in those that are door-sized and affixed to the sides of police cars.

Custom car emblems have gained in popularity for a number of reasons, and are also considered quite practical by many fans, as well.Some of the reasons why people love them include;

-Practicality. -Custom emblems and decals make it a little easier to spot a single ride in a pack of like models.

-Their Style- Custom emblems can add personal style of a car – even one that’s a standard model.- Fun- For many car lovers, it’s just plain fun to tweak out a car with emblems, decals and more.

-Artistic freedom.- Emblems, decals and more help enhance a car’s appearance and can give its owner a great outlet for artistic expression.

This is how to install car emblem

Adding a new emblem to your car is a simple process. You will most likely spend more time deciding where to put the emblem and taping around the area than you will actually installing the decoration. To make sure you put the emblem on straight, use painter’s tape to create a box just slightly larger than the badge. This will act as a guide when installing your new emblem by helping you keep the emblem straight in comparison to the tape.

The most commonly known and recognized car grille badges are actually the car logos that your vehicle usually comes with when you purchase it. Most people don’t really think about the fact that those pre-installed decorations are badges, but they really are. Chrome car emblems date back generations and have often been a sort of status symbol for individuals who drive high end vehicles.

Now-a-days there is a wide variety of badge style decorations available including military emblems, fireman and police badge emblems

Hood symbols, and emblems are the easiest and most affordable car customization’s, ready in just minutes. Car owners remove the old hood symbols, and emblems from the car’s exterior, replacing them with custom pieces. Custom auto badges and emblems can be found online, including logos, letters and animals, depending on the desired design.

Car customization’s aren’t always under the hood. Many customization’s are made to the exterior body and the interior of the cabin. Customization’s are entirely dependent on the owner’s style and preference.

Car hood symbols are a fun and inexpensive way to add some personality to the outside of your car, but you never know whether you will outgrow an emblem or not. Think carefully about what type of badge you will be proud of for the longest amount of time and then take care when installing it. Always remember that you can remove it later if you change your mind as well. Since they’re only semi permanent, don’t be afraid to jazz up your car with some cool car badges.

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