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ATV Mud Tires

Mud tires are very important since they play a significant role in the performance of your ATVs. Tires are also very important in ensuring the safety of the rider. With this in mind, we have checked the safest and best ATV mud tires you might be interested in, here they are:


ITP MUD LITE AT MUD TERRAIN ATV TIREThis tire is specially built for high – performance sport ATV’s. The size was prepared to be used on the latest models. It features an extended – wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value.

This 6 – ply mud tire has been designed for the trail, in short it is a revolutionary all – conditions tire. This 6 – ply rating is given for its unmatched durability. Its unique center tread contact area provides a smooth radial – like ride.

This is ideal for OEM replacement in the deeplug XL model. This is actually the lightest mud/trail tire ever made as a result of computer – aided engineering. Its pure trail tire handling combined with pure mud tire performance giving the best performance yet.

This tire with ¾” lug is very affordable and is a perfect fit for Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda ATV’s.


This ATV mud tire has the same winning features and benefits as the original Mayhem. It has a 6 – ply rating or added puncture resistance. This mud tire features an ultra – deep 1.5 – inch tread depth.

The tread pattern delivers surprisingly smooth ride on hard pack surfaces, therefore making your trail ride much more convenient and comfortable. Mega Mayhem, in reality is a more improved version of the original Mayhem; this is taller, brawnier and more aggressive.

This also delivers exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics, unrivaled durability, tribal – inspired design and embossed artwork. This American – made product is proven by customers to have the agility in climbing steep hills and trail riding.

If you are an adventurer who cares about quality and price, then this product surely is for you!

FRONT 25 – 8 – 12 & 2 REAR 25 – 10 – 12 ATV MUD REBEL TIRES

This ATV mud tire with a 6 – ply rating is a proud product of Sedona. It features an aggressive angle tread design that grips well in muddy or dry conditions. This also cleans out well to keep on gripping in all conditions.

The sidewall lugs of the tire are designed to offer added traction in deep ruts and through heavy mud conditions. This tire is popularly known for its great steering response and puncture resistance. This Sedona Mud Rebel tire is guaranteed to perform incredibly not just in mud but also in dry trails and rocks with ease.

The high quality carcass material it was made of allows your vehicle to perform at its highest level of performance.

This specially designed tire will definitely satisfy your needs for your ATV so don’t hesitate in purchasing this mud tire for your ATV!

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